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Selected Publications – Neurosteroids

Tomm RJ*, Seib DR*, Kachkovski GV, Schweitzer HR, Tobiansky DJ, Floresco SB# & Soma KK#  (2022)  Androgen synthesis inhibition increases behavioural flexibility and mPFC tyrosine hydroxylase in gonadectomized male rats.  Journal of Neuroendocrinology  34: e13128 (16 pp).  *co-first authors  #co-PIs

Jalabert C, Shock MA, Ma C, Bootsma TJ, Liu MQ & Soma KK  (2022)  Ultrasensitive quantification of multiple estrogens in songbird blood and microdissected brain by LC-MS/MS.  eNeuro  9: ENEURO.0037-22.2022 (16 pp).

Tobiansky DJ*, Kachkovski GV*, Enos RT, Schmidt KL, Murphy EA, Floresco SB & Soma KK  (2021)  Maternal sucrose consumption alters behaviour and steroids in adult rat offspring.  Journal of Endocrinology  251: 161-180.  *co-first authors

Hamden JE*, Gray KM*, Salehzadeh M, Kachkovski GV, Forys BJ, Ma C, Austin SH & Soma KK  (2021)  Steroid profiling of glucocorticoids in microdissected mouse brain across development.  Developmental Neurobiology  81: 189-206.  *co-first authors

Jalabert C, Ma C & Soma KK  (2021)  Profiling of systemic and brain steroids in male songbirds: seasonal changes in neurosteroids.  Journal of Neuroendocrinology  33: e12922.

Tobiansky DJ, Kachkovski GV, Enos RT, Schmidt KL, Murphy EA & Soma KK  (2020)  Sucrose consumption alters steroid and dopamine signalling in the female rat brain.  Journal of Endocrinology  245: 231-246.

Tobiansky DJ, Wallin-Miller KG, Floresco SB, Wood RI & Soma KK  (2018)  Androgen regulation of the mesocorticolimbic system and executive function.  Frontiers in Endocrinology  9: 279 (18 pp).

Tomm RJ, Tse MT, Tobiansky DJ, Schweitzer HR, Soma KK* & Floresco SB*  (2018)  Effects of aging on executive functioning and mesocorticolimbic dopamine markers in male Fischer 344 × Brown Norway rats.  Neurobiology of Aging  72 (Dec): 134-146.  *co-PIs

Selected Publications – Immunosteroids

Salehzadeh M*, Hamden JE*, Li MX, Bajaj H, Wu RS & Soma KK (2022)  Glucocorticoid production in lymphoid organs: acute effects of lipopolysaccharide in neonatal and adult mice.  Endocrinology  163: 1-17.  *co-first authors

Salehzadeh M & Soma KK  (2021)  Glucocorticoid production in the thymus and brain: immunosteroids and neurosteroids.  Brain, Behavior and Immunity – Health  18:100352.

Hamden JE, Salehzadeh M, Gray KM, Forys BJ & Soma KK  (2021)  Isoflurane stress induces glucocorticoid production in mouse lymphoid organs.  Journal of Endocrinology  251: 137-148.

Xing S, Jiao Y, Salehzadeh M, Soma KK & Huan T  (2021)  SteroidXtract: deep learning-based pattern recognition enables comprehensive and rapid extraction of steroid-like metabolic features for automated biology-driven metabolomics.  Analytical Chemistry  93: 5735-5743.

Hamden JE*, Salehzadeh M*, Jalabert C, O’Leary TP, Snyder JS, Gomez-Sanchez CE & Soma KK  (2019)  Measurement of 11-dehydrocorticosterone in mice, rats and songbirds: effects of age, sex and stress.  General and Comparative Endocrinology  281: 173-182.  *co-first authors

Taves MD, Hamden JE & Soma KK  (2017)  Local glucocorticoid production in lymphoid organs of mice and birds: functions in lymphocyte development.  Hormones and Behavior  88: 4-14.

Taves MD, Plumb AW, Korol AM, Van Der Gugten JG, Holmes DT, Abraham N* & Soma KK*  (2016)  Lymphoid organs of neonatal and adult mice preferentially produce active glucocorticoids from metabolites, not precursors.  Brain, Behavior, and Immunity  57: 271-281.  *co-PIs

Taves MD, Losie JA, Rahim T, Schmidt KL, Sandkam BA, Ma C, Silversides FG & Soma KK  (2016)  Locally elevated cortisol in lymphoid organs of the developing zebra finch but not Japanese quail or chicken.  Developmental and Comparative Immunology  54: 116-125.

Taves MD, Plumb AW, Sandkam BA, Ma C, van der Gugten JG, Holmes DT, Close DA, Abraham N* & Soma KK*  (2015)  Steroid profiling reveals widespread local regulation of glucocorticoid levels during mouse development.  Endocrinology  156: 511-522. *co-PIs