Can testosterone be produced by the brain? Brain Bytes features Daniel Tobiansky

Post-doctoral Fellow Daniel Tobiansky is featured in an episode of Brain Bytes, a web series featuring the latest neuroscience research at UBC.

Daniel’s work looks at testosterone and how it is created in the brain. He was curious about local levels of testosterone in the brain, as measured by LC-MS/MS. More.

Learn about his research in this video, plus hear the interesting backstory that relates to male song sparrows:

Working with Profs. Kiran Soma and Stan Floresco, Dr. Daniel Tobiansky is currently exploring how local androgen synthesis in the mesocorticolimbic system influences motivated behaviors and decision making. In another line of research, he is exploring how sucrose (table sugar) in the maternal diet during pregnancy and lactation influences offspring behavior and the reward and neuroendocrine systems in adulthood.